Thursday, July 24, 2008

Treasured and Burried by Deb Gillett.

Treasured and Buried by Deb Gillett.

You know the very top of the beach at a king tide, where all the really scummy stuff gets washed back and forth? Well here it is, complete with ephemeral footprints under the sea. Yes I know you can hardly see them, but I wanted you to know about them because I took such effort to put them there. Deb Gillet

What I like about this piece most is the organic textured nature of the artwork. It almost feels like its growing out of the canvas. I also like it because it's a move away from Debs more traditional and directly representational pieces. While all stunning work for me representation is no longer enough. The skill they take to produce can never be in doubt, and Deb certainly has an eye for depicting the world in colour. For me this abstract and her more free pieces show a desire to engage with a deeper translation of the world.

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